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Old Photograph Restoration by Photo Express showing before and after images of a badly damaged photo

Old Photo Restoration by Photo Express showing how an old photo can be enhanced


old photo restoration from Photo Express showing how old photos can be enhanced and improved

example of a background change on a photo from Photo Express

example of adding/changing parts, objects, and people in a photo from Photo Express

Photo Restoration. Don't let your Memories Fade - preserve your memories with Photo Express
Instructions on how to get a quotation for photo restoration from Photo Express



  • Do you have an old photograph you want to have restored or enhanced?
  • Do you have a recent photograph that needs to be re-touched?

  • Do you have a group photograph with a special person missing?

  • Do you have a group photograph with too many people or the wrong people? !!!

At Photo Express, we offer professional level quality Photo Restoration services for both film and digital.
Our technical staff can:

  • Enhance colours
  • Adjust contrast
  • Reduce glare
  • Rebuild backgrounds
  • Merge multiple photographs
  • Remove unwanted objects (and people!) from your photographs
  • Red-Eye removal
  • Repair damage to physical photographs


Basic Retouching and enhancement:
Red eye removal: Red Eye can result from taking photographs of people or animals with a flash. It occurs when the camera flash reflects off your subject's retina.

Contrast: Good contrast in a photo can be very subjective. Contrast is affected by many things such as lighting and the actual colour and brightness of objects in the photo

Glare reduction: Glare, hot spots, or "burned out" areas of a photo are caused when light is reflected off a shiny or reflective surface

Minor spots on original: Minor spots on a photo have many causes. If the photo is old then the spots may represent damage. When discussing spots, "minor" refers to the size of the spots and if they are in a non-prominent/unimportant part of the photo.

Basic restoration:

Small areas of damage: Damage refers to parts of the photo which are physically missing as well as water damage, creases, spots etc. As long as the damage is limited to small and unimportant areas of the photo then basic restoration will be all that is required

Adjusting colours: Colour adjustment covers everything from turning a Colour photo into Black & White, adding Colour to a Black & White photo (colourising), changing colours, colour balance adjustment, and other special effects.

Minor scratches: Minor scratches on a photo are covered by basic restoration as long as they do not cover facial features and there are only a couple of scratches present. If the scratch damage is more extensive then General or Major restoration will have to be carried out

Removal of lines or small objects: Removal of small objects and lines from a photo comes under Basic Restoration if the area can be reconstructed from another part of the photo and if they are small in nature

General Restoration:

Photos with moderate damage but still recognisable: General Restoration occurs when there is obvious damage to the photo but the full photo and its contents are still recognisable. Also, the damage itself should not be on any facial or skin features in the photo. The cause of the damage can be anything and normally comes from folds or heavy scratching

Major Restoration:

Major Restoration: Major Restoration covers anything not mentioned above. Typically, a photo requiring Major Restoration would have large areas of original photo missing or in need of reconstruction. Reconstruction also includes the inclusion of major objects/people or merging of multiple photos.

How to get a free quote

To get a free quote for your restoration please follow these guidelines:

  • Bring in the photo to us in Dundalk Shopping Centre for an immediate quote
  • If you cannot physically comes in to us then email the image to snaps@iol.ie. The photo should be at a minimum of 300dpi for best results.
  • In your email please be as specific as possible regarding the work you would like us to undertake
  • Physical photos should be scanned at a minimum of 300dpi for best results
  • Please do not send in physical photo via post if at all possible


Instructions on how to get a qutotation for photo restoration from Photo Express



  1. Come in to our shop in Stapleton Mews, Ramparts
    (beside Dundalk Shopping Centre)

  2. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone on
    +353 (0)42 935 1188 or email at snaps@iol.ie

  3. Quotation depends on the quality of the original photograph and amount of work required

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