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additional business stationery products from Photo Express

Additional Business Stationery Products


Additional Business Stationery products to round off your business stationery

To round off your business image and identity it is necessary to look at additional products such as:

    • Leaflets and flyers
    • Brochures
    • Folders
    • Catalogues
    • Newsletters
    • Large and small posters
    • Roll-up banners


Leaflets and flyers are typical one page A5 sheets and can be either single sided or double side. They are typically linked to a promotion or opening or some other once off event (even though it can be repeated).

Brochures are used as a sales tool to help convert prospects into customers. Brochures are either single A4 folded in two places or full A4 size with a number of pages. The quality of materials and graphics in a brochure are a lot higher than in a flyer.

Folders are used in sales presentations and are a handy way of keeping sales literature together. The actual sales literature varies from company to company and from situation to situation and can include a brochure, sample contracts, presentations, testimonials, or anything else that is sales relevant.

Catalogues are generally composed of a list of products, prices, product details, ordering and delivery information. They would be used when a large number of products are available for sale. Some companies such as IKEA spend the majority of their marketing budgets on just catalogues and websites.

Newsletters are distributed at regular intervals such as every month or every quarter. They are published by communities, organisations, companies etc and have topics of concern and interest to their subscribers. Generally, each edition revolves round a main topic as well as containing news and upcoming events of the related organization.

Large and small posters are used for informational or promotional purposes. Sizes can vary but typically start at A4 and can be as big as required. If you are designing a promotional poster make sure it is effective: it must be focused on a single message and audience; lots of visual content; easily understood (simple is better); a call to action; and contact information.

Roll-up banners are essentially portable advertising. You can use rollup banners for exhibitions, displays, conferences, welcome signs and area signage for displaying your company products and messages. Each roll-up banner is quick to assemble & setup.


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